We have the latest infrastructure to provide you with best service. Here is
a summary of our
Shop equipment and Inspection equipment:

Shop Equipment:

HASS VF4 CNC Mill 20" x 40" x 18" travel

AKIRA SEIKI SV 1000 CNC mill 20" x 40" x 20" travel

AKIRA SEIKI V4 CNC mill 20" x 40" x 20" travel

MATSURA CNC mill 20" x 30" x 18" travel

AKIRA SEIKI CNC lathe 20" OD Capacity

AKIRA SEIKI CNC lathe 12" OD Capacity

MORI SEIKI Frontier L1 12" OD Capacity

Bridgeport vertical milling machine 12" x 48" travel with digital readouts

Bench grinders

1/2 Capacity drill press

Vertical Do All Bandsaw

Horizontal Bandsaw

Inspection Equipment

All our inspection equipment are in excellent condition and meet or
exceed requirement of National Bureau of Standards:

36" x 48" and 18" x 24" granite surface plate

24"Muitutyo dial heigh gage

Set Micrometer 0-6

Complete set plus gages from .011-.750

Muitutyo gages blocks grade A

10 Set deltronic pins

Set depth Mic 0-12

Set of 1-2-3 blocks

Brown and Sharp CMM and more...

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